Realtor Documents

There are always important documents that must be reviewed when buying a home in any community. And, since Pelican Bay is a one-of-a-kind, there are a few additional documents related to community rules and operation to add to the mix. Fortunately, we’ve compiled them here for easy viewing, bookmarking and printing.

This page provides links to Pelican Bay’s major policy documents including its governing documents and Bylaws, community covenants, annual assessment information and more. For information regarding individual associations within the community and HOA documents, contact association manager or visit

All should be read carefully. Those with questions are invited to contact the Pelican Bay Foundation at or (239) 597-8081.

Pelican Post low

PBF - Budget
PBF - Audited Financial Statements
Resale Fee
  • The fiscal year 2019 resale fee is $7,500.00
Resale Capital Assessment Exemption Form
Annual Assessment
Leasing Information
Realtor Guest Pass Request Form
Pelican Bay Services Division

The Pelican Bay Services Division was established by Collier County to provide quality street lighting, water management and streetscape beautification services exclusively to the residents of Pelican Bay. More information at: