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Pelican Bay maintains regular, on-going communication with members – keeping them informed about communitywide announcements, disseminating news that is important to them personally, while continuously searching for the best and most effective ways to do so.

To assist realtors and inform prospective homeowners, the following communications outlets and documents are made available to the public. On-going review of each provides realtors and prospective buyers with an in-depth understanding of Pelican Bay’s latest news, future plans, its members and their way of life – all of which are important selling points.

Annual Member Guide:

PB-2014-Member-Guide_smallThe Pelican Bay Membership Guide serves as a primer for members, tenants and guests to understand and explore all there is to do in Pelican Bay. Produced by the Pelican Bay Foundation, the community’s master home owner’s association, the Annual Member Guide highlights the community’s world-class offerings and offers great visuals guaranteed to assist in selling Pelican Bay.


Realtors may purchase guide at The Commons front desk for $5.00 each.

Pelican Bay Post:
PB Post Digital_coverThe Pelican Bay Post is the official publication of the Pelican Bay Foundation.

PDF version available for download on the website here.

Community Map:

By now, you’ve likely got a good feel for Pelican Bay, but even for those who are familiar with the community, getting around can take some practice. In the meantime, there’s a detailed (and printable) map to help:


Realtors may purchase maps at The Commons front desk for $2.00 each.

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