Commons Expansion Project brings Guest Passes and Member Services to the Community Center Lobby

Earlier in March, the Pelican Bay Board of Directors approved the renovation and expansion of the Commons building at an overall project budget of $3.8 million. This project is intended to add capacity to the Commons building, and to modernize a building that is more than 35 years old.


This is expected to be a six-month project with the interior of the building being gutted, and a new infrastructure and office layout being constructed. The current office capacity will go from 6,885 square feet to 10,030. The ground floor engineering, maintenance, tram and cart fleet maintenance, and food and beverage purchasing and receiving space allocation will increase from 6,920 square feet to 10,614. Expansion to both of these areas will enhance the Foundation’s ability to service the Commons areas and amenities offered to our members and their guests.


Due to the extensive demolition and construction work, all staff and operational functions need to be relocated out of the Commons building. The administrative staff will be moving over to the Community Center, while the operational functions will be established at the Marker 36 parking lot.


Here are a few things that you and your prospects as well as existing residents will need to know while construction takes place.



Member and Guest Services are located in the Community Center lobby for the duration of the project at 8960 Hammock Oak Drive.

Guest Passes and Member Services in Main Lobby at the Community Center.

Guest Passes and Member Services in Main Lobby at the Community Center.


Guest Services hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Member Services are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Services include the following:

  • Guest Cards and general inquiries
  • New member inquiries
  • Member card renewal
  • Real estate transactions
  • Tenant leases / cards



The main parking area with pavers will be open to members through the duration of the Commons building expansion.  The south parking lot will be used for construction activities.  This area is blocked off as a construction zone.  This means that there is no access to and from the south end of the parking lot.  All vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians must enter and exit from the north entrance.



While construction takes place, trams will continue to operate normally and away from construction on the rerouted bridge.  It is also important to note that pedestrians and cyclists must enter through Tram Station #4 to access the South Berm.  As previously noted, there is no entry from the south lot and behind the Commons building.



The entire lot is closed and used to house the following service functions:


  • Tram staging
  • Food & Beverage receiving
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Beach operations
  • Safety & Security


To mitigate noise, low noise compressors will be used for the refrigerated trailers and staff will be sensitive to the neighboring communities.



Tram operations will be fully operational for transportation to North Beach. To access the North Beach, trams will be available for members at Tram Station #4 at the Commons. Members are encouraged to park at the Commons.  An additional tram will be added to alleviate wait times from Station #4 (Commons) to Station #7 (Marker 36). Alternatively, members can also make use of trams to the North Beach via the North Parking Lot at Tram Station #8.



More information will be communicated throughout the duration of this project through the, “Today in the Bay” e-newsletter, the Pelican Bay mobile app and future editions of the Pelican Bay Post.