Marker 36 Parking Lot scheduled to close for renovation beginning Monday, June 5

Marker 36 Parking Lot ClosedMarker 36 Parking Lot is scheduled to close beginning Monday, June 5, 2017 for a period of approximately three months, weather permitting.  The parking lot will undergo a complete renovation which will include lighting, landscaping, installation of pavers and new one-way directional flow.

Tram Service

Through the duration of the parking lot renovation, additional tram service will be provided from Station 4 at the Commons directly to Station 7 at North Beach/Marker 36.  Trams will operate in the same fashion as it did when Marker 36 Parking Lot was closed during the Commons renovation project last summer. Trams will provide a direct route to North Beach and Marker 36 Restaurant, but allow for pick-ups along the way if members are present.

Access Points

It’s important to note that the parking lot is completely closed during this time.  This means that there will be no temporary parking, drop-offs, or no access to any foot or bicycle traffic through the parking lot.  Walkers and bicyclists may access the north berm from Beach Walk, and members can pick up a tram from Station 4 (Commons) or Station 8 (North Parking Lot).

To find out where the exact location of the Marker 36 Parking Lot, please visit, click on the About Tab and click on “Community Map”.  Alternatively, you may go here directly.

Thor Guard – Lightning Prediction System Protocols

Thor Guard protocols remain in place through the duration of the summer.  Here are a few things to consider:

At the time of CAUTION, staff will advise members we are in a CAUTION and a RED ALERT could be imminent.  When at the beach or in the water, the Foundation staff will raise a yellow caution pennant to advise that the Thor Guard has gone into caution mode. During a period of expected storm activity, members and their guests should be cognizant and alert of this advance warning. Make your decisions to plan accordingly on whether you go to the beach or restaurants at this time.

At the time of RED ALERT, Thor Guard has predicted that there is lightning in the vicinity and it is unsafe for anyone to be out in the open. One LONG HORN BLAST will sound.  All tram and beach operations will shut down during the RED ALERT and will not resume operations until the ALL CLEAR has sounded.

It’s important to note that all available trams have 13 minutes from the initiation of the RED ALERT to transport you to Tram Station #4 (Commons) or Tram Station #8 (North Lot) and proceed to your vehicle.  If you are at the beach, you should immediately pack up and seek safe shelter. If you remain at the restaurant, you should also seek safe shelter.

*For the safety of members and employees, please note that staff cannot assist in any way during a RED ALERT. If you choose to walk, it is at your own discretion.

Want Updates?

As construction progresses, we will continue to communicate further developments and changes through the website, digital boards and the mobile app.  Members can see the latest plans of the Marker 36 Parking Lot renovation project by logging in to, and clicking on “Documents” under the Members Tab.