Summit Broadband – A few reminders for residents before heading north

Here are a few reminders that you may want to share with your new Pelican Bay residents as they transition to and from their northern home.  Summit Broadband has provided a few step by step instructions now to help ease into a smooth transition when coming back for the new season.


We would like to share a few items with you before you leave your Florida home for an extended period of time. We believe that the steps outlined below will help prevent the need to call in for service or setup upon your return and allow for a better start of season experience. We ask that you do this because during the off season, we send updates to your equipment and cannot do so if they are not plugged in.


Please leave your cable boxes plugged in to the wall (both power and the cable that goes into the back of it) . We know some of you are concerned with leaving these plugged in due to lightning activity while you are away. W encourage you to disconnect the wire from the box that is connected to you television itself. If your cable box is damaged due to lightning while you are away, we will happily replace it free of charge.


What do I unplug?
Unplug your HDMI or Component cable from the back of your TV or Cable Box





If you place services on vacation hold

If you would like to place items on vacation hold while you are away, please send an email to 1 week prior to your departure and you will receive a confirmation email stating that your services (beyond bulk) have been put in vacation mode within 48 hours.
2 weeks prior to your arrival back for next season please email indicating your name, address / account number and return date and we will gladly activate your services so they are ready for you when you return. Leaving your equipment plugged in while you are away helps this process work more smoothly.


We look forward to welcoming you back next season!